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Aquatic Facility Operator Manual-- 7th Edition


Aquatic Facility Operator Manual is a practical approach to aquatic facility operations and is appropriate for people who manage swimming pools and people who want to understand how to most efficiently manage their own facility.  Easy formulae takes the place of complex college level chemistry as taught in other pool operations courses. This is the manual used in the Aquatic Facility Operator Course which is a two day practical applications course. This manual will be included in the cost of your course, but is available for purchase separate here.

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The Original - Aqua Laser


Tired of bending over to check the water's temperature? Here's a great tool that can save you time and money.  One click infrared AquaLaser by Aquatic Media is the stuff that pool technicians dream about.

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Industry Fluid Content Management.


Research in aquatics is complex and needs to be broken down into small bite sized pieces, be ye scientist or inventor.  Aquatic Media specializes in getting information to people who need it most. The aquatic industry is growing every day and our social media is a force for good in the world of aquatics. Can we help you develop your brand? Please reach out for a free 15 minute consultation with one of our instructors.


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