Pool Humidity

My Pool is Humid – Do I need a fan?

Q: Anybody have recommendations about what fans to use in pool areas to circulate the air?


A: It is not so much a question of what fan you need but rather how you manage your indoor air. The following is an excerpt from the Aquatic Facility Operator Manual:

Air Temperature Control – Proper air temperature control must be maintained in the natatorium, through air heating and cooling, to ensure year-round comfort while minimizing pool-water evaporation. Improper temperature management can result in excessive humidity levels and unnecessary pool-water heating . Temperatures and relative humidities are sometimes maintained by simply bringing in, and heating large amounts of outdoor air and exhausting equal amounts of warm, humid air- an expensive process. (an illustration is given page 20-4) Recommended air temperatures are often just 2 F degrees above the water temperature. With low humidity and little air movement, this might feel cold.”  (Williams, 20-4)
This section is preceded by an explanation of the result of excess humidity which is distilled water. Distilled water accumulating throughout the aquatic facility is a very caustic agent and eats away at all fixtures.
So basically if you are looking for a new fan, it sounds like you are caught in a situation where you are trying to keep your air too hot for your water to make people comfortable and are constantly having to push hot air out in order to control the humidity. You will want to speak with an HVAC expert who specializes in aquatic facilities to re-engineer your facility with proper heat and humidity exchange. Otherwise you can look forward to high electricity bills and a constant tug of war using any fan you like.
Williams, K. G., & Young, R. A. (2011). The Aquatic Facility Operator Manual.

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