Solar Heaters – Are they worth it?

Most modern swimming pools are now being built with solar heating exchange solutions. A solar heater is a device that catches the sun’s rays and transfers their warmth into circulation using conduction and gravity. ┬áIn the previous five years commercial versions of the solar pool heater were unviable because the product was too expensive. With energy costs rising and the cost of the actual exchanger falling, it’s now a very practical option for heating swimming pools.

Expert inventors have created powerful computer systems that make running commercial solar systems easy, efficient and health code compliant. To find out what commercial system is right for your pool you will need to work with a professional. Get multiple quotes and ask the sales representative to advise you as to the payback period, as well as the warranty. Most systems now pay for themselves fully in the first few years without requiring additional investment.

On a concept level a DIY heat exchanger is a stripped down version of the commercial solar heat exchanger. If you are looking to build a solar heat exchanger yourself there are hundreds of online success stories of people who have built there own using anything from rain barrels to flex PVC. We have been impressed by the results of homemade contraptions. In some cases families have drastically reduced their energy bill for under a hundred bucks in hose and plastic. Don’t forget to follow your local laws and codes!! The Model Aquatic Health Code calls for all NSF/ANSI Standard 50 on all solar heaters installed commercially.

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